Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Five of the best... Party dresses

The party season is upon us and I'm sitting here wondering, "where did the year go?" Which is a frighteningly short hop from thinking, "where did my life go?" and getting all depressed. But hey ho! There are parties to be had and party dresses to be worn. So here is my pick of the five of the best.

My favourite is the blue jewelled number from Coast. I love that tailored look. I also really like the Monsoon Storm dress, which incidentally is also blue. This is not because I love blue. This is just fashion mavens' way of letting you know that BLUE is THE colour for this party season. Got that?! Well, HAVE ya???

If those two dresses weren't so gosh darned cute, I would avoid that colour for a long time. This. Is why people rely on the LBD, it's just so much easier to make it your own. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to do something perverse with the accessories to channel my frustration.

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Clockwise from top: Coast jewelled, £160; Julien MacDonald strapless, £60 at Debenhams; Monsoon Storm silk satin, £65; Coast applique hem, £175; House of Fraser off the shoulder, £120

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