Monday, 16 July 2007

The savvy shopper's guide to the sales

So it's summer sales time again and you might have noticed I've been studiously avoiding all mention of it so far. There is one main reason for this - if ever there were a time when a fool and her money were soon parted it has got to be sales time. I've finally realised just how much old tat gets offloaded round this time and how much of said tat ends up in my warddrobe never to be seen again.

This time I'm taking a more savvy approach. I'm going for quality rather than quantity. I'm only buying stuff that'll take me into Autumn/Winter and beyond. So with one eye on the A/W trends and one eye on the bank balance, I present to you my savvy shopper's list of what to buy in the sales.

With a round of summer parties and formal gatherings coming up on my calendar I figure it's time to stock up on some pretty, well made dresses at a fraction of the cost. Sales time is the only time worth going to department stores like Selfridges and Debenhams, Around this time you can easily snag your self a designer bargain. Also worth checking out for pretty dresses are Jigsaw, Coast, Hoss Intropia, Massimo Dutti and Reiss.
My pick - coast halterneck dress, £59

You can't go wrong with a new top or ten to liven up your wardrobe. Wear them to dress up jeans, funk up an office shirt or prettify a boring shift dress. My favourite's the pussy bow and I shall be grabbing one wherever I see it. I also won't be discounting anything with pretty puff sleeve - they always look darling under short sleeved dresses. Pretty chiffon, cap sleeves and frills are are great for wearing with those shorts (I've currently got ten pairs and counting!). If you haven't already got yourself a smart waistcoat now's the time to do it. They're great for cinching voluminous shirts.I'll be hitting Agnes B, Urban Outfitters and Gap to see what I can find.
My pick - Urban Outfitters full sleeved shirt, £9.99

Denim never goes out of fashion so sales time equals not buying one pair of jeans with your entire weeks' budget. Again, department stores are great for huge variety at knock down prices. I'll also be trying out Fornarina, Miss Sixty and Deisel.
My pick - Fornarina bootcut jeans, £78

Summer sales are shoe paradise as long as you don't end up buying wegde espadrilles in every colour when you could be buying some sturdy chunky heeled platforms (not sandals. How long do you think the summer's going to last?) I'll be snagging myself a pair of funky moonboots by LAMB at Schuh - which will fit quite neatly into the coming tough chic trend and the cute metallic snakeskin platfrms at Shellys. Also on my list are any patents or brights cos you just never know when you might need them to brighten up another rainy day. I'll also be checking out Poste Mistress because there's always a bargain to treasure in their sales.
My pick - Shellys metallic mock crock platforms, £30

I'll just be buying up anything I fancy here, the quirkier the better. Dangly chains, outsized rings, big colourful beads and dangly earrings. I have to say that Urban Outfitters, Miss Selfridges and Freedom at Topshop have the market pretty much covered for me. I'll be stacking up on big belts - they are such good waist cinchers and really make an outfit. I'll also be keeping an eye out for big squishy leather bags. In addition, I'll be checking out colourful socks, tights and leg warmers at American Apparel (Top tip: use them as arm warmers).
My pick - Miss Selfridge boy and girl brooch, £2

Sales I'll be avoiding
Hennes, Primark, New Look, Matalan, Peacocks - the clothes weren't expensive to begin with, who wants to wear the dregs that got left behind?

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