Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Shoe Lurve - Slick Cinderella Minx courts, £39.99 at Schuh

Okay guys, there are heels and there are platform heels and there are Elton-John-called-he wants-his-youth-back platform heels. But these heels, right here? These, heels defy all classification. Black shiny and a very elevated 14.5cm high. These are the way heels should be.

Call 'em what you like: hooker pumps, fuck me shoes, pole-dancers' hooves... I don't care. I think they are brilliant, as over the top as can be, one step away from all out female impersonator.
I so, own a pair and I am so going to wear them at the first and every other opportunity I get. Even if that means propping myself up on various walls and trying not to move too much. These shoes must be worn.
Damn. Talk about getting high!

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