Monday, 5 March 2007

Two reasons why Matalan should sell online

Okay, see these two bags? Gorgeous, aren't they? They are both from Matalan and they are both less than £10. You can take a look at them - and many, many others - on the Matalan website. You can click on them and see even larger images of them for a closer look. They even tell you how much they are. What you cannot do, however, is actually buy said items.

If Matalan had the facilities for selling online, both bags would now belong to yours truly. But no. Unless I want to make a round trip to Lewisham - which, I believe, is where my closest store is - these beautiful bags will not be mine. Where, I ask you, is the sense in that?

Images (left to right):
Strappy clip bag, £6; barrel bag, £8

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