Friday, 16 March 2007

Late night shopping picks of the week March 16

It’s Friday and time for another D&P round up of what’s on the shops for you this weekend.

I have to warn you, if you're going shopping this weekend, try not to get blinded by all the bright colours out there. No, really, it's like a rainbow threw up on the high street at the moment. Everywhere you look, it patents and satins, neons and colours.

Stock up on bright orange and yellows at Wallis. Their pretty, lemon yellow knit dress, £25 and a very roomy, flower print smock, £35, in particular caught my eye.

Moving on to H&M and I'm digging their wall of neon acessories, as well as, cute knitted berets in white and gold thread, £4.99. They also have a beautiful white clutch with gold studs, which matches the berets perfectly. Very Biba. I loved their black and white, cat-face shopper so much, I bought it. I was also drawn to their plastic macs but soon realised the reason for this was because they reminded me of my childhood. If you’re a grown-up I’d stay well away.

Next stop on my list is Zara, which is totally full of shine, colour and embellishment. Zara has gone jewel crazy. In fact, the running joke, chez D&P, is that you need to be careful where you stick you head at Zara or they might just stick a shiny bead on it. Check out their embellished pumps and shoes.

Yellow-heavy graphic prints and white smocks are also here in abundance. I'm really liking the yellow chiffon dress and the short sleeved, white, embellished dress.

If you like your embellishments floral, it might be worth your while to pop in to FCUK where they are reprising their black satin flower embellished mini shift in purple (a major colour for autumn) and cream. They also have a mid-season sale on which might be worth a snoop around.

If you’re already thinking seriously about summer sandals, get over to Miss Selfridges and get a pair of their patent, demi-wedge sandals in green or yellow or both.

Forget your heels and get a little more comfortable with some great looking trainers. At Office they have Converses galore in every conceivable colour. My favourites are the note book high-tops, which I shall be wearing with leggings and a bright t-shirt the high tops turned down.

Also check out the adorable, gem heart, slip on trainers from Faith, they’re on sale.

Happy shopping folks.

Images - from top:
Wallis yellow knitted dress, £25 and floral smock top, £35
H&M cat face print, black and white bag, £7.99
Zara yellow chiffon dress, £59 and white embellished dress, £29
Miss Selfridge demi-wedge, patent sandals, £25
Converse All-Stars notebook high tops, £39.99
Faith gem heart slip on trainers, £28

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