Friday, 23 March 2007

Late night shopping picks of the week - 23 March

It's Friday and here's your round of the week's best buys. Gotta say, not a lot out there that caught my attention. River Island and Topshop were typically heaving with new stuff and the M&S sale is still on, so I stocked up on underwear.

If you haven't heard, the M by Madonna collection hits H&M stores yesterday. The usual scrum ensued, with ladies queueing round the block in the pouring rain in London (ladies! How many times?). Anyway, I sauntered into the newly refurbished Kensington High Street branch for a look see and, I have to say, I was suitably impressed. There's certainly plenty to see.

Top of my list of must-haves is the leather bomber jacket. Pricey at £99.99 but gorgeous and butter soft. Too rich for your blood? There's a satin bomber for £39.99 that's just as good. If you've got the body for it, check out the satiny black maxi dress, also £39.99, which I have to say is bargain, considering how well made it is. If it weren't for my poochie belly (curses!), I would definitely have bought one.

Next up is Oasis' gorgeous 60s clover print skirt, £40. It's pouffy , it's above the knee, it's exactly right for summer. There's been a lot of talk about body con and mini skirts invading the high street for summer but I reckon we'll be seeing more and more of these skirts because they are a lot more wearable and skinny teenagers are not the ones with the disposable incomes.

I hadn't been to principles in a while, mostly because in my mind they tend towards the "fuddy" side of things. So, imagine my surprise when I came across a beautiful lime beaded chiffon halter top, £35. Bargain. I'll have to check that place out more often, they've obviously been getting a chic behind my back. Definitely worth checking out this weekend.

Happy shopping.

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