Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I want it now! Accessorize vintage frame patent bag, £25

I know I shouldn't, but I really want this red patent bag. It's red, it's shiny and it's so pretty... It's all I can do to stop myself from drooling all over the keyboard.

But I must resist. I already have enough red bags to open a small shop called "we sell red bags". I even have a really similar one that I bought from Dorothy Perkins; a squishy, oversized red clutch (below). I hardly use it. I have another boxy red one (with red polka dot lining, swoon!) that I got from Topshop, which hasn't seen the light of day for about a year.

But it's just so stylish! Still it's not like I don't have my share of real vintage bags, take this green one that I got from POP Boutique a couple of weeks ago (below). It is almost exactly the same as this bag, except it is neither red nor patent. Aaah! Help.

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